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STEPHANIE's Journal [entries|friends|calendar]

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Shoes [Saturday
3.11.06 @ 4:16pm]
Another reason why I'm lovin' my life:

A pair of...
-Gianni Bini's
-Kenneth Cole's

white lie

Boys, go away. [Sunday
7.25.04 @ 1:1am]
All of a sudden, I lost a lot of my main stream interest in Guy A. I'm kind of disappointed that we didn't have more of a connection!

I don't want a relationship with Guy B. Let's not ruin this friendship by turning it into a relationship.

Guy C is just plain creeping me out. Look above my shoulders when we speak, damnit.

God. I just don't want a relationship period. Leave me alone.
2 grudge ges white lie

9.8.03 @ 11:11am]

14 grudge ges white lie

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